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The Best Supermini category of the WhatCar of the Year 2012 Awards proved a very tough choice. This was mostly due to the fact that a supermini must excel at practically every possible aspect. Apart from meeting security benchmarks and providing a comfortable driving experience, it is also expected to combine a reasonable price and low consumption costs. It is therefore clear that the Best Supermini title is quite an achievement.

To make things even more difficult, the level of competition in this category is also noteworthy. In fact, both the Honda Jazz and the Kia Rio, which were at the top of the list in recent years, did not even make it this year round. But now let us shift our focus on the superminis which managed to shine in 2012.

Three cars are worthy of mention, specifically the Best Supermini under £12,000, the Best Supermini £12,000 to £14,000, and of course the overall winner. The first award was given to the Hyundai i20, which combines excellent features with an extremely affordable price of roughly £10,000. The second award goes to the Ford Fiesta, which ensures an enjoyable driving experience and is listed for around £13,000.

Now on to the big winner, the supermini which beat all competitors and was crowned as the Best Supermini Winner of 2012 – the Audi A1. While it is the epitome of everything a supermini should be, it is roughly priced at a notable £15,000. It is perhaps doubtful whether the average supermini enthusiast would be willing to cash out that kind of money on a supermini, but it is safe to say that the Audi A1 is truly a wondrous premium car.

The Best Supermini award naturally aims to give the rightful accolade to that one car which is head and shoulders above the rest. In this sense, the A1 truly is bigger and better, both in price as well as in features.

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