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What Type Of Car Is Right For You?

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Pondering buying a new car? Fantastic. Buying a car can be great fun but you should be aware of two things. One, car dealers are very savvy. They know people get flustered when looking for their new car. They forget what they need and start thinking about what they want. Or, more specifically, what the dealer tells them they need or want. This is why it is a good idea to know what you are looking for before you go car hunting. Perhaps we could help you out with that right now. We will go through the pros and cons of some of the types of car you can buy. You can decide which is best for you.

Five To Eight Seater

If you have a big family, you need to be thinking about a big car. Some parents choose a small or medium vehicle and wonder why their kids look cramped in the backseat. Consider a people carrier. It sounds rather grand. Well, that is because it is. A Seat Alhambra is an award-winning budget people carrier and very practical. They are brilliant if you take long trips with your family to far off places. If you have two children, you can put them in the very back seats. You will hardly know they are there. They will love it too with plenty of legroom to stretch out. The seats can also be removed to make a massive boot space.

Or perhaps you want a 4X4. It certainly makes getting through town to drop the kids off at school easier. Businesses like RRG Group have a wide range of family cars available, including models by top brands like Suzuki.


Does your day consist of dropping the little ones off at school and then heading to a business meeting? What you are looking for is a business saloon. They are spacious enough in the back to keep the children comfortable and space. They look luxurious so your clients will certainly think you are successful in your business. Best of all? They have the added power so you can really let the car take control on the way to those boring conference calls. Many are also now very fuel friendly and are perfect for long business trips.


Or, you could just toss practicality out of the window completely. No kids to worry about? Then just get a two seater. Got some cash lying around? You can invest in a supercar. Yes, they do depreciate every year, so it is not really a monetary investment. It is an investment in fun and games. You will never have more fun on the road than in your Nissan GTR or Lexus LFA. Trust us when we say, if you have the cash, it will be money well spent. Although, do be aware very few of these wonderful machines are fuel efficient. They will cost a fortune to drive.


Last but not least, something for the younger drivers. You have just got your license. You do not just want any old banger but can not afford a luxury vehicle. Then we suggest a Hatchback. A classic choice would be the Volkswagen Golf. Fun to play around in. Very affordable bought second hand and an excellent car all around.

Happy hunting!

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