Volkswagen XL1 Concept – Review

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With the increase in air pollution, and cars being the main pollutant for emitting CO2 in the air, many people are looking forward to using environment friendly products or technology. In this pursuit only, the Volkswagen XL1 concept people achieve just that. Yes, although it is just a concept, it just still goes on to show how promising XL1 could be.

According Volkswagen, if the cars everywhere reduced their average carbon dioxide emissions by eighty percent then a regular car would need to produce 24g/km of CO2. And Volkswagen has nicely achieved this target. Who would not want a turbo diesel, plug-in hybrid that would be able to return an unbelievable fuel economy?

In the year 2002 Volkswagen unveiled the L1 concept. Now, this version used a quite small diesel engine and was built to travel 100 Km in 1 Liter of fuel. Similar to this, XL 1 uses a 2- cylinder turbo diesel.  Most of the VW XL1 features are built from the L1 concept only (which was highly efficient).

It’s Running and Other Specs

The VW XL 1 is rated to have a 47 horsepower and 89 lb-ft of torque and has been noted to pump power to the wheels at the rear via a 7-speed DSG transmission (DSG works in an automatic mode only). Another interesting feature is the electric motor that can work either parallel with the engine, or you can drive the car on just it. The electric motor can pump in 27 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque. It has been predicted that a fuel economy of 261 mpg will be achieved in the hybrid mode. If charged completely the car can easily travel up to 22 miles. Recharging the batteries of the car can take up to a few hours and even a few cents. But the VW XL1 will not leave you marooned of anywhere.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

Other claims state that in 11.9 seconds, the XL1 can go from 0- 62mph and has a top speed of 99 mph.


In terms of proportions, the wheel base is 87.6 inches, and is 153.1 inches long to be exact. The wheel print it leaves is quite similar to the Mazda 2. Its height is quite similar to Lamborghini Gallardo; 45.5 inches. And as stated earlier, most of its transcendent design is heavily influenced by the L1 concept.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

The sharply tapered rear end and the bubble like green house is exactly what helped the XL1 in achieving the excellent cd. The doors of the car open in a swing and swoosh manner. The sharp scissor-like doors open by swinging them up from the A-pillar, for an ease of access.  The cockpit consists to two bucket seats, where the passenger seat is slightly mounted and is set a bit farther back from that of the driver’s.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

The body of the car is built from carbon fiber, has aluminum suspension parts, magnesium wheels and brake discs of ceramics. Therefore, the XL1 weighs about 1753 pounds. The XL1 is heavier than one might think Its forerunner, the L1, came in at a claimed about 840 pounds. It is merely due to the twofold increment on the comfort and convenience and safety equipment features that make it weigh that much.

Is it the new ‘One Liter Car’?

The new XL 1 is definitely, Volkswagen’s new ‘One liter car.’ At the moment, a ‘One Liter Car’ would be an amazingly efficient combustion-engined vehicle. However it is still a concept and is a fulfillment of a promise by the VW CEO Mr WinterKorn.

However does this mean an end for oil running vehicles?

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