Volkswagen Touareg Going Slimmer in 2010

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Volkswagen TouaregSlimness and slenderness is not what is restricted to humans only, these attributes are being allocated to other things, too, such as laptops, desktop towers, and now even cars. The best example is that the Volkswagen Touareg is being redesigned by the engineers to give it a smarter, yet better look. Thus, the upcoming 2011 model that will be revealed in 2010 will be a much trimmed and slimmed one.

Right now, the car weighs around 5,100 pounds. The aim of engineers is to cut off at least 500 or 600 pounds from the vehicle’s body, so that it becomes slimmer. Also, what is being decided is that the car should be elongated a bit. Why, so as to generate enough space in the rear to adjust a third row of seats. This row will surely be not aimed at adults, I believe. Instead, it will be a fine location for seating kids. Styling for this purpose is much inspired by the design of Tiguan.

What about price? Great news! The company is planning not only to trim down the edges and slim down the mass, but decreasing the price is also under consideration. Therefore we can happily anticipate a nice price tag for the slimmer yet longer Volkswagen Touareg 2011.

The green factor! Expect a hybrid after the 2011 version i.e. in 2012. Buying-bank of hybrids is expanding day by day due to the critical situation of our planet; VW has kept the green factor in mind.

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