Volkswagen New Beetle: A Review

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New Beetle

Volkswagen is one of those auto developing companies of the world which keep on developing the vehicles which are according to latest technologies and which matches the international trends of auto markets. From a wide range of vehicles this brand gives you all the comfort which you need, some of the very luxurious cars are available from the VW’s platform but for the middle class families they also offer some very low priced budget cars. The Beetle is one among the budgetary vehicles offered by company which comes in a very small and cute size.

Photo by ThaliSB

Photo by ThaliSB

The company had started its Beetle brand from 1938 and still now this car is getting the eyes of all those customers who like small sized cars and in the era of 1950’s this car was supposed to be the most powerful and comfortable European cars that have been designed to achieve the high speed. The design of this car has been made more enhanced with time and the latest style is the very impressive with exterior signal mirror, galvanized body and the round shape gives a very spacious looks to it. With an in-line five cylinder engine this car gives you performance of this car is also really great with 150hp and 170lbs.-ft torque. The details of the features which you can enjoy with this latest model have been discussed below.


  1. It carries a very awesome anti-slip regulation feature which helps prevent the slippage of wheels at all the wheels which denies engine power in situations when wheel slip is detected.
  2. This car also has a very nice electronic stabilization program helps the driver to maintain their intended course during sudden reactions like avoiding an accident with the applications of brakes and pressure.
  3. The anti-lock braking system is a much enhanced new technology which prevents the car from sliding under hard braking with the help of wheel lock-up.
  4. Other good safety features of VW cars are the air bags which help to prevent the passengers from sudden crashes and this latest model of beetle comes with four air bags for a great security.
  5. This car comes equipped with six speaker stereo system that gives quite an enhanced sound quality and an auxiliary jack is located on the dash which lets you attach your iPod with the sound system.
  6. It comes with the front vented disc brakes which enhances the safety features as the pad attach with both sides of disc creates heat when you push brake pedals thus heat can be efficiently dissipated.


  • Engine: 2.5L, five-cylinder, in-line
  • Engine Oil (with Filter): 6.3 qt (6.0 L)
  • Horsepower: 150 @ 5,000 (110 kW @ 5,000)
  • Maximum Torque:  170 @ 3,750 (228 Nm @ 3,750)
  • Fuel Requirement: Regular unleaded
  • Fuel Tank: 14.5 gal (55.0 L) Cooling System 10.0 qt (9.5 L)
  • Steering: Rack and pinion, power assisted
  • Steering Turns (Lock to Lock): 3.04
  • Wheels: 6.5J X 16″ alloy wheels
  • Tires: 205/55 R16 H, all-season tires
  • Drag Coefficient: 0.38
  • Length: 161.1 in (4,091 mm)
  • Width: 67.9 in (1,724 mm)
  • Height: 59 in (1,498 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 4.6 in (118 mm)
  • Curb Weight: 2,965 lbs (1,345 kg)
  • Front (Manual/Automatic): 1,852 lbs (840 kg) / 1,922 lbs (872 kg)
  • Rear (Manual/Automatic): 1,032 lbs (468 kg) / 1,043 lbs (473 kg)
  • Payload (Manual/Automatic): 772 lbs (350 kg) / 772 lbs (350 kg)
  • Paint: Metallic paint (no charge), Non-metallic paint
  • Lighting: Glove box light, Interior front center dome light, Front reading lights

The car is thus one of the very amazing small sized model developed by company which is not only cute because of its external beauty but also the strong engine and some enhanced technological features gives it that much power and capabilities which you’ll surely love from this car.

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