Vauxhall Wins another Green Award

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Vauxhall’s Ampera has won Green Vehicle of the Year at the 2012 Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) Awards. It is the latest in a very long line of awards that highlight the Ampera as a groundbreaking electric car, including European Car of the Year and NCAP 5 Star Crash Test.

The Awards

The awards are voted for by Association members exclusively and reflect the day-to-day operational experience and expertise of the fleet decision makers. The event took place in Stratford-Upon-Avon and had an unprecedented 250 guests in attendance, with Ford and BMW coming away with two awards each. Julie Jenner says that the decision makers look for vehicles that are “cost-effective to operate, safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly. The Ampera’s revolutionary technology was clearly very popular with our ACFO members and on their behalf I congratulate Vauxhall in bringing such a cutting-edge vehicle to market.”


The Ampera is a sporty electric car that has a back-up 1.4 litre petrol generator. It takes around six hours to fully charge in a domestic socket, when you can drive about 35 miles on electric power. With the petrol generator, the electricity can power the car to drive up to 300 extra miles. The driving range can be influenced by your driving style; hence if you drive economically, the power will go further (as will you). The charging device can be programmed to charge at specific times, for instance, at night when the tariff is less expensive.

Because it is electric, the Ampera is a very quiet drive, especially in electric mode. Delivering 273lb ft of torque from zero revs, it is powerful as well as efficient. It looks like a sporty hatchback, and despite its electric engine, because of the petrol generator the Ampera delivers like one too.

However, if your journeys are long ones, then this car probably isn’t for you as the miles per gallon aren’t amazing. It makes more sense for shorter journeys. It is also quite expensive, especially considering that there are very similar cars on the market.


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