Toyota Planning To Bring Three New Cars in the Green Market Until 2012

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The trend of green cars is the hottest one in the industry and Toyota being an active member of industry is also spending lots of funds for the development of the future green cars. According to the company’s plans revealed from some source they will bring three new models into the market of green cars in 2012.

According to some further details provided by the source, a plug-in version of Toyota Prius and somewhat different variant of Prius will reach the US markets in the first half of 2012 and thus it can be seen that Toyota is really active in the Green industry and some real blasters from the company’s side are on their way.

It is also reported that the 2nd Prius will not be an exact identical to the Prius that has been shown earlier but the brand name will remain the same, the markets which are going to get the new electric markets in 2012 have not been revealed but it is expected that only a limited number of markets will get the exciting new green models at the start. The Source which has shown all these details has also declared that a viral marketing campaign will be launched on the website and there the company will officially reveal the release dates and other necessary information.

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