Top three: Best in class superminis

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It is no wonder that most people are passionate about car and are attracted towards new models. Coping up to the needs of the people the car makers are also striving hard to produce their best that has great looks combined with better performance. Here is a quick brief on the top three best in class superminis: Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Skoda Fabia.

Ford Fiesta:

The car is one of the best-seller vehicles in the United Kingdom. The new model from Fiesta has got all the necessary parameter that qualifies it has the top car in the list of super minis. The highlights of the car are its great and stylish look, the best comfort it offers for both long and short drives and is easy handling. With the new model you can easily turn even in the finest edges and the car offers you pretty good control too.

Ford Fiesta

The way the car drives pleases most of the owners and these owners are happy that they have got something worth for their money. When it comes to power and pickup the car stands high and it has recorded reaching the speed of 62mph in just 16.9 seconds. The car also offers different type of engines for the customers and one could choose the appropriate engine based on their requirements. Ford has also made the interiors of the car so beautiful that it gives the looks of a big car from inside.

Vauxhall Corsa

This is Britain’s most selling supermini and was into first into the market in the year 2006. From then on it’s been on the top in the list of small cars in the country. The all new Vauxhall Corsa is ready to rock once again and the new model is even bigger and brasher. Though it does not have a stylish look the Corsa stands high with its bold and powerful new look. The car comes in 2 flavors as well, a three door with sexy couple looks and a five door for more sensible people.

Vauxhall Corsa

The highlight of this car is its interiors. It provides a very comfortable environment inside and the seating decorations gets applauds. The car offers a pretty decent ride with optimal control and good power. The widescreen is now pushed a long way forward and this gives a sleek appearance to the car. When seen from the rear, Corsa is not quite roomy and provides only a little space. This car also comes with different types of engines people can choose from and each one it has its own limitations in speed and mileage.

Skoda Fabia

This car was Skoda’s big selling supermini that was launched into the market in the year 2007. Its new and creative looks, enhanced and revised engines and great interior desing has added to its success and has increased it appeal. When it comes to cost, Skoda Fabia is slightly on the higher side when compared to its rivals but it is really worth for the money spent. The highlights of the car are its new look and peppy three-cylinder engines.

Vauxhall Corsa

The flat seats and firm ride in bigger engine variants are some areas that the company must look into as these make certain customers unhappy. The key to the car’s great looks is the cockpit-style wrap around glasshouse. Though called a supermini Fabia offers quite a lot of space inside with taller cabins and attracts everyone with its style. This car also offers the choice to the user between petrol and diesel engines. Though there are also different variants of engines with respect to the size, the smaller engine have proved great providing great riding comfort.

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