Top 6 Chinese Cars

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There is a very common misconception that Chinese cars are not durable and comfortable as compare to the Japanese cars. Since past few years, Chinese auto makers are employing their full efforts and make use of state-of-the-art technology to produce the stylish, comfortable, durable and safe cars in order to satisfy the varying needs of customers and to stand firm among the competitors. Let’s check out the Top 6 Chinese cars.

1. Geely GT Tiger

Geely GT Tiger is an attractive Chinese car which is powered by 3.5L V6 engine that yields Horsepower of 225 and torque of 340. Tiger GT features wheels of 19 inches, which enhance its road grip and make it a safe Chinese car. Doors of this Tiger car are butterfly in shape. Manufacturer has stylishly shaped its exterior and equipped with the maximum elements that can offer full time comfort to the passengers.

2. Brilliance Junjie Wagon

Brilliance Junjie Wagon is a like saloon because its front side and design is familiar to the design of saloon, its interior has been styled elegantly by keeping in view the comfort and space requirements of passengers. Brilliance Junjie Wagon is equipped with 1.8L engine and it got good rating on the values of mpg.

3. Chery QQ3

Chery QQ3 was designed especially for the fashion conscious people, being available in multi colors it is smart and stylish Chinese sedan car. Brett Soso, MD of Chery SA said, “In a time when consumers are faced with numerous economic challenges and pressures on their disposable income, affordable motoring and parts have become a priority for many. McCarthy Motor Holdings has long been advocating the availability of more affordable vehicles, and since its arrival in South Africa earlier this year, the Chery has certainly made its mark at the budget end of the market.”.

4. MG TF

MG TF is a mid engine, rear wheel drive car which was launched in 2002; it is supported by MG F platform. MD TF has redesigned grill, revised frontage lights; bumper and air intake grills of the surface. It is extremely stylish and comfortable, Euro NCAP named it as the top one in 4 star safety performance.

5. SAIC Roewe 550

SAIC Roewe 550 was released in 2008 at the Beijing Motor Show; it is powered by 1.6 or 1.8 liters engine. Roewe 550 is a four door Sedan car and features state-of-the art interior as well as exterior features and consists of LED lights on the backside.

6. Lifan 620

Lifan 620 is the luxury sedan car and it is the perfect blend of power, comfort, safety, cost efficiency and style. It is powered by 1.6L Tritec engine that produces torque of 149Nm/4500rpm, which is among the top 10 engines globally. Interior of Lifan 620 offers extreme comfort to both drive and passengers. Exterior is also stylish and attractive with u shape front; Lifan 620 has been designed to cater the all time driving needs of passengers. It is expected that in near future, Chinese automakers are going to give cut-throat competition to the global automakers.

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