Top 5 Optional Features That Add Resale Value to Your Vehicle

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When you first have the option of buying a new car, it’s worth considering some of the additional options if they are within your budget. Not only will this increase your comfort levels while driving, it should also add some resale value and enable you to get a better deal when it’s time to purchase a new vehicle. If you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, these are some of the extras you should consider and that buyers look for.

Air Conditioning

Recently, Which? listed some of the best features that add resale value to your vehicle and air conditioning was one of the most desirable features. Many cars are worth more when they have air-conditioning installed. The feature can be a godsend on hot days when you need a refreshing breeze circulating through your vehicle and it also helps vehicles to run better in winter by defrosting and demisting windshields.

Powered Windows

Powered windows are another often overlooked extra. Many new vehicles come with this feature as standard, so drivers have come to expect it and won’t consider vehicles without the feature. Powered windows are a simple feature that adds a lot of convenience for drivers, and this helps the resale value.

Leather Seats

Leather seats are an extra worth paying for if you’re considering a new vehicle. If your current car has leather seats fitted, you’ll see a higher return for it than if it had standard fabric seats. Not only do they add aesthetic value, they are comfortable and longer-lasting than fabric counterparts. They’re also great for people who suffer from allergies, as leather attracts less dust. The range of benefits that these seats provide is guaranteed to add resale value.

Alloy Wheels

Most optional stylistic features for vehicles do not add much resale value. The one exception to this rule is alloy wheels. Those who look into buying a used car are generally happy to pay slightly more if the vehicle is fitted with alloy wheels. If your car doesn’t have alloy wheels and you’re looking to sell, it’s not typically worth investing in them now, but it’s worth considering on a new purchase if the cost isn’t too high. Companies such as will take these into consideration when offering a quote for your vehicle.

Metallic Paint

The paint job on the car you’re selling is undoubtedly a factor that can increase resale value. If a metallic paint job is an option at the time of purchase, it can be an extra worth getting. Metallic paint jobs are well-known for increasing the resale value of BMW and Porsche vehicles. When deciding on a paint job, you should look at it as not only an investment for yourself but for future buyers of your vehicle. Old color superstitions sometimes rear their heads, so it’s worth researching the best colors to paint your car before you do it!

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