Top 10 Cars For Long Journey

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Cars For Long Journey

After advancement in road’s infrastructure throughout the world, a shift in travelling trend has been seen. Now people are more interested in going for vacation on their own cars, then other means of transport. For this motive, people are now more concerned in buying cars which are not only reliable and economical, but also comfortable and enjoyable. Following ten cars are the best options, proven to be best in all terrain:

Volkswagen Passat:

On number 1 is best car for long distances, comes from Volkswagen. Volkswagen Passat is as big car, accommodating number of people at a time. It is not only very comfortable, but also known to be best in desert terrain, covering many miles of barren region without any difficulty. It has a 2 liter diesel engine, with amazing fuel economy of 27 mpg, even far better than many hybrid cars available today.

Mazda Miata:

In most of the long journeys, twisty roads are normal. The next car is best cure for these roads. Mazda Miata is at number 3. Many experts tested this vehicle at variable speeds on different landscapes; their resulting experience with this car was very pleasurable. It has a 1.8 liter engine, which produces sufficient power to challenge every type of terrain. It is also very fuel economical, doing 23 miles in 1 gallon of gasoline.

Chrysler Serbing Convertible:

On number 3 is one of the best long drive cars, presented by Chrysler namely Sebring Convertible. This car has it all; from breathe taking headroom and legroom with extra space for decent quantity of luggage. It is known to be the best car particularly when it comes to comfort and convenience; it has all necessary features for relaxed long drive. With a fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon, it cuts trip cost to least. So if you are interested in long comfortable drive this is your choice, available at lower price than competitors.

Dodge Grand Caravan:

On number 4 is Dodge Grand Caravan’s, best Caravan when it comes to long-drawn-outs. Its fuel economy is 20 mpg; with hood having 3.3 liter V6 engine. Its best feature is its perfect design for dirty terrain with special under floor storage. This storage can be used for dirty boots, saving interior from getting messy. Moreover its seats can be dropped, making more room for people in Cabin. So with so many conveniences in one car, it is considered to best long journey automobile.

Dodge Magnum:

The next car is a wonder itself; Magnum is what every person wish to drive on long journeys is on number 5. It has a powerful V8 engine, which can drive you crazy with plenty of power for every type of rough terrain. The best feature its extraordinary handling, managing steep curves even at decent pace. It is also offered with four wheel drive, which can manage weight up to 3800 pounds with its 2.7 liter V6 engine. Fuel economy is also decent, doing 21mpg.

Dodge Sprinter:

On number 6 comes a car from renowned company Dodge, namely Dodge Sprinter. It is a van which can easily accommodate 8-10 persons. The best feature is its three wheel bases and two roof heights. The turbo diesel engine is highly efficient. This car can go miles and miles (exactly 10000 miles) without an oil change, very imperative issue many people face on long drives. Therefore with so much ease, Dodge Sprinter is answer to many troubles.

Lexus LS 430:

Lexus is the name of quality, class and comfort. No matter whatever is the terrain, Lexus is best choice. At number 7 is LS 430. No matter you drive this car for many miles, it always provide refreshed and relaxed ride. The best feature is its cruise control, managing speed efficiently, dynamically keeping distance from car ahead. You cannot find more comfortable seat then Lexus first class airline seat. It has a V8 engine and fuel economy of 18 mpg.

Mazda MPV:

Another marvel from Mazda for long distances, Mazda MPV is at number 8. Although this car seems to be small in size than other competing cars of this class, but one can guarantee that it has maximum room for people in second row of seats. The best feature is its sporty handling, covering long distances at relatively high speed. It has a strong V6 engine in its hood, which is extremely efficient doing 19 miles per gallon.

SAAB 9-3:

The next car at number 9 is Saab 9-3. This car is number one when it comes to safety and comfort features. It has been nominated several times for number 1 position in highway safety. Its hood has a turbo charger engine which can generate enough power with its 2 liter capacity. It is also very fuel efficient doing 23mpg. So if you are interested in safe, economical and comfortable ride, Saab 9-3 is the response.

Honda Insight:

Last but not the least, a production from Honda Company, Honda insight is at number 10. With a hatch back layout, the car’s hood is Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist System, which can produce 88 horsepower and 88 pound-feet of torque. It can go from 0-60 mph in 10.9 seconds. It’s very fuel economical especially on long tours doing 60 mpg at its best; saving you extra gallons of gas.

Mazda MPV

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