Tips to keep Your Vehicle at Top in Summer

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Periodic maintenance can be very effective to reduce the chances ofChange Oil mechanical failure and it can also increase some years in life of your vehicle as well as you get a good price when you want to sell it out. You vehicle have to pay the price of scorching heat, dust and stop and go traffic especially in summer.

The following tips can be very effective to keep you vehicle at top during the unfavorable condition in the months of summer.

1 ) If the engine has not cooled down completely, you must not remove your vehicle’s radiator cap. You must seek some expert’s services to check the condition of clamps, drive belts and hoses.

2 ) You must change your vehicle’s oil and filter to the given time limits described in your vehicle’s manual.  It is better to change oil after every 3000miles especially if you have to make regular short jaunts as well as extended trips of loads of luggage.

3 ) You must also replace other filters like fuel, air and PCV according to the recommendation especially in dusty situations.

4 ) Windshield wipers should be kept in best condition, as dirt windshield can not only be dangerous, but they are also become the cause of eye fatigue.

5 ) It is good for your vehicle if you check tire pressures at least once in a month.

6 ) You must inspect the brakes of your vehicle according to the recommendation in your manual and you need to do it quite sooner if you find pulsation, noises or a longer stopping distance.

7 ) There is no specific time for battery failure, as it can happen in any time of the year; you definitely need some professional equipment to find out about a battery weakness. But you must scrape away rust and dirt from cable connections and posts regularly.

8 ) You must inspect all the bulbs and lights and replace those that have burned out and also clean all the lenses regularly.

These tips can prove very effective to keep your vehicle at top notch in unfavorable conditions and in vagaries of the weather.

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