Tips for Jump-starting a Car

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If your car is not willing to start after getting battery flat, it may begin to runJump-starting Car again with jump start. But you need two things for this purpose including some friend’s vehicle car jump leads and booster cables.

You can use jump leads in a simple and safer by just following these instructions.

  • Keep the two cars quite nearer to each other, as it will help jump leads to reach both batteries.
  • Your next step is to connect battery booster cables in their right order.
  • Now you can start the engine of working car and it is better to turn off all the electrical equipment like heater, radio, lights of the working car, as all the battery power can be utilized to jump start the dead one.
  • Now you need to start the engine of the vehicle with dead battery after turning the ignition. You need to rev the working vehicle for a bit more time when it sound that its ready to go, but not in actual.
  • If dead battery has started and is on run, now you can remove the jumps leads with right order.
  • Car that had dead or flat battery must be run for some time and it may not start again if ignition is turned off earlier.
  • Jump leads must not touch each other at the time of removing or joining them.
  • You need to clean battery terminals if they are corroded or dirty as they will provide a good clean connection.
  • If dead battery doesn’t start after following this procedure, it indicates that the battery has got damaged or has some other flaw.

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