The World Fastest Car Revealed

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World Fastest Car

A new Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine is now expected to be revealed in the coming year which is expected to be coming with a top speed of 1000mph. this car is going to break all the earlier records of the world’s fastest cars, the world record of the fastest speed car up till now is 763mph.

So this is going to be a blusterous launch whenever it will come in reality. It has been announced that this car will be build in UK in Bristol, prior to its run on a dried-out lake bed in South Africa in 2011.

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This marvelous 1000kg Rolls Royce EJ100 will be supported by a 400 kg hybrid rocket and these two engines will combine to give more than 180 formula one car. No matter which year brings the good news of the release of this car, the news of its manufacturing has made all the speed racers crazy and they are desperately waiting for the release.

According to the manufacturers the car will be driven by the recent record holder and RAF pilot Wing Commander Andy Green thus whenever this car will come to the roads it will blast the roads and will give a feeling of rocking flying on roads.

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