The US Car Sale Increased 5% in July

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The auto industry of the world has been seeing some bad times from the past few years but now the dark clouds are vanishing from the skies. The reports have been received from Ford Motor Corp. and General Motor Co and according to that they have received their smallest gain of the year.

By usedcarsbuyorsell

By usedcarsbuyorsell

When the sale’s ratio was seen for the overall US market then it was also found that total industry sale advanced 5% from a year earlier and it was the smallest monthly increase since January. It was pretty much expected that July will prove to be the profit gaining month for the industry as the government’s cash for clunkers lifted the industry from its bad times.

Now let’s talk about the different brand and their hype in the sales since last year, according to reports GM has sold 199,602 cars and light trucks in the month of July. While talking about GM’s own brand, it was provide that the sale of Chevrolet has increased 12% and GMC has advanced up to 32%.

On the other side Ford sold 50,449 F-series pickups in July and it was the first time since March 2008 when the company got the sale increased from 50,000. Unfortunately Toyota was not among the lucky fellows of this July as their sale decrement up to 3% in July. Volkswagen also reported the sale’s rise up to 17% in July thus overall we can say that the auto markets has started advancing towards some positive path and soon all the companies of the industry will get on this track.

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