The Toyota’s Pedals Problem can be solved With a New One

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We have seeing this report for quite a long time that Toyota is busy in recalling its accelerator’s problem that has been caused due to the pedals. By looking deep into this problem we can see that in most of the recent models of cars present in the auto industry have two separate pedals in them one for gas and other for brakes, the problem that was reported by lots of people basically revolves around the faulty pressing of pedals.

ToyotaWhen both the pedals have been placed so close then a person can accidently press the wrong one and get into some serious crash so why don’t the placement styles be changed, A very amazing solution for this has been provided by Masuyuki Naruse who is a Japanese developer and has given his prototype quite long ago.

According to Naruse “We have a natural tendency to stomp down when we panic,” and “The automakers call it driver error. But what if their design’s all wrong?” Naruse is one among those people who have designed a combined brake-accelerators pedal in an effort to prevent the accidents that have been caused due to pedals problem.

Almost all of the experts those have analyzed the accidents from the last couple of years have reported that majority of cases occurred because of pedal problem and it can be changed now. The New York Times has reported Ririko Takeuchi, a Tokyo-based spokeswoman for Toyota of saying that “If you ask whether the current pedal design is the best we can do, the answer is no” and further said that their company “listens to ideas we receive from the public, because we believe there’s always room for improvement”.

Masuyuki Naruse has reported that he had shown his prototype to the Toyota Company but has got no response; the company should actually work on this new idea so that future accidents can be reduced due to pedal problem.

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