The Redesigned Version of Honda Civic Got Delayed

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Honda Civic

The innovative design and superior performance is one of the main features that Honda focuses while developing some new model. One of the most appreciated models by Honda is the Honda Civic and from the past many years this car is earning up great name for its developers. One of the hottest models of Honda civic is the one that was supposed to be coming this year and basically it was the freshly redesigned model of Honda civic. The company has recently announced that this new model will not arrive until 2011.

Photo by JLaw45

Photo by JLaw45

John Mendel, American Honda Motor Co.’s executive vice president stated this thing in an interview “Changing market conditions and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations affected the development of the upcoming Civic”. The other company officials also declined the fact that this new model is coming this year but for the next year no exact month has been specified until now. While talking about the change which the company is bringing in the new model of Honda Civic, Mendel said that “We change vehicles as need be. The ability to do something based on more current information is better than waiting a full model cycle. Some of that is being able to have the opportunity to change [based on] what you see happening in the marketplace”. Thus all the civic lovers have to wait until the next year and then they will be able to see the exact glory which the new model of civic will be bringing along with it.

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