The Next Generation Honda EV-STER Electric Small Sports Concept Coming Soon

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42nd Tokyo Motor Show will start from 3rd December and will last till 11th December 2011 and Honda will unveil its EV-STER which is the next generation electric small sports concept in this auto show. EV-STER is extremely stylish sports car and features dynamic and outstanding sporty design, its environmental performance is also superb.

EV-STER-The Exceptional Sports Car

EV-STER is 2-seatre convertible sports car with electric rear-wheel drive and it has been designed and formulated especially to offer improved convenience and smooth driving experience. You will be excited to read that EV-STER is quite light weight because it is composed of carbon materials and being light weight it offers exceptional driving experience. Further ease of driving is provided by the twin-lever steering.

High Tech and Comfortable Interior of EV-STER

Instrument panel of EV-STER also features vehicle information display in addition to meters which helps the driver to enjoy unique driving experience, with network display employed for audio and navigation systems you can also access the internet. Meter has been well designed and its display facilitate the driver to remain fully focus on driving and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.


EV-STER features 10Kwh lithium ion battery and maximum output of this battery is 58kW. You can charge this battery in 3 Hrs from 200V and 6 Hrs are required to charge it from power of 100V.

Maximum Speed

You can achieve maximum speed of 160Km/Hr with this electric concept sports car and it can be accelerated from 0-60Km/Hr in just 5 Seconds.

Dimensions of EV-STER

EV-STER is 3,570mm in length and its width and height is 1,500mm and 1,100mm respectively, wheelbase of this spectacular electric concept sports car is 2,325mm. Few days to go, this stylish electric concept vehicle will appear before the whole world.

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