The New Ford GT Is an Inspiring Work Of Art

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Ford knows how to create some hype, and when we are talking about a legendary series like the GT, that hype will go through the roofs. The talented designers took this whole notion to a new level by creating various GT-related objects that has otherwise little to do with automobiles, yet still felt relevant. The influence was pretty clearly the new GT, which will come out in 2016. With those designs, the team at Ford’s showed a special brand of creativity and flair that will be seen in the upcoming supercar as well.

Among the items which were inspired by the car, we can see a guitar, a foosball table, a sailboat (that’s right) and many other very interesting objects coming of all sizes with varying functions.

Moray Callum, the VC of Ford Motor Company couldn’t have been more proud of those achievements. As he said in a statement: “We have an incredible amount of talent in our global design studios”. Ford’s goal was to showcase the basic concept behind their supercar by creating these objects through the same calculated care they’ve instilled into the creative process. The designers mentioned intent, an innovative collective mind and a connection between the driver and the car.

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