The Loopholes Your Car Insurance Provider May Use

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Many things are considered before buying a new or used vehicle and one of them is vehicle insurance. Getting automobile insurance quote can be a determining factor in the type of car a consumer buys. Shopping around is important because different insurance providers can use different loopholes to find their clients cheaper insurance quotes. One of the most popular is getting insurance on multiple vehicles. The discounts can be as high as 50% when two cars are being placed on one policy. This can be very helpful for families and households with more than one vehicle. The discounts can vary based on the type of vehicles and the policyholder’s information.


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Families are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to automobile insurance. When kids become of age and start driving it will be cheaper to get their vehicle insurance under the parent’s policy. Most adolescence start driving under the age of 25, and getting an automobile insurance quote under their own name will cause their quote to be much higher. Since most teenagers can’t afford car payments and the parents assume financial responsibility for the automobile, it would be more cost effective to include the car under their own policy. Also many companies now offer yearly reductions when teenager drivers complete an entire policy year of driving without an accident or moving violation.

A more unfamiliar loophole to get cheaper auto insurance is when the car has a security device installed in it. To insurance companies a car with a security system is less of a risk to insure, so the client would get a discounted auto insurance quote. The other thing a policyholder needs to do is to make sure that the money they save with the discount covers the cost of the auto security system. If the vehicle insurance discount does not cover the cost of then security system then forgo getting it or shop around until the discount covers the cost. The main thing to remember is that shopping around will allows the client to see what discounts are available to them and where they will save the most.

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