The Limited Edition Viper Roadster Revealed By Dealers

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As you might be aware that dodge had ended up the production of its latest V10 powered Viper supercar but before that the company has made it sure that some of the limited edition of this current car have reached some dealers.   Some of the versions like 1:33, Voodoo Viper, ACR-X have been brought available for the dealers but in limited editions.

According to the claims provided for these new models, the ACR-X is the most extreme iteration and it is quite hot favorite for the dealers but along with that the SRT10 Convertible ACR built is another model that has been made specifically for the Woodhouse Dodge in Blair, Neb that is actually located in the town of 7,500 people.

Photo by AxelVeraartPhotography

Photo by AxelVeraartPhotography

The new model has been beautifully redesigned in not only its features but also in its paint and style. Some of its parts like adjustable KW suspension, Stoptech rotors, lighter wheels, short shifter and new fifth and sixth gears were easily provided for this new ACR roadster and the parts which required most of the attention were the aerodynamic improvement.

It has been reported that only the 20 models of this new ACR model have been produced till now and the available colors are white, yellow, red and black along with that the pricing begins at $107,310, you’ll be able to get a one among these limited editions from Woodhouse Dodge.

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