The 1979 Andy Warhol’s BMW M1 appears on the 2013 ARTcetera show, Boston

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BMW showcases its most fascinating and attractive art car, the 1979 M1 at the Artcetera, Boston. The trend of Art Car series was introduced in 1975 when the driver Harve Poulain commissioned the American artist Alexander Calder to convert his Le Mans racecar into a piece of art. This set a new trend in the vehicle industry and lots of people started to transform their cars into canvases by different artists all around the world. The BMW also created 17 art cars since 1975 when the first BMW car, BMW 3.0 CSL was transformed by an American artist Alexander Calder. Among the 17 art cars, the 1979 BMW M1 is the only model that really captured the sight of car lovers as well as people from different walks of life. The 1979 BMW M1 was transformed by the Andy Warhol into an art piece.

1979 BMW M1

The BMW 1979 M1 has itself a really amazing and fascinating body language with an ability to capture imagination however, with the Andy Warhol’s skills the car got a fabulous look that with a simple factory paint was just impossible. This is the fourth car commissioned by the BMW that was raced in 1979’s Le Mans. On 5th October 2013, at the annual ArtCetera show, at the Park Plaza Castle, Boston, the North American BMW will showcase its Warhol’s M1. The funds from the show will go to support the HIV/AIDS programs. The BMW also pleased to sponsor the 2013 ArtCetera for the first time.

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