Tata Nano: Impressive, But Somewhat Slow

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The first that really impresses you in the Tata Nano is its wide space; it canTata Nano house four healthy adults quite generously.  Seats are flat and thin, yet amazingly comfortable and the same grandeur you will definitely notice in the fabric and plastic quality. But it’s carpet that feels somewhat trashy.

You need to fold the rear seat to get some trunk, and the same or even more difficulty you have to face to access its engine, as you need to remove the panel guarded with six wing nuts to access its two-cylinder engine.

You can realize its rear mounted engine power just after starting it up. There is a single balance shaft has been used in its all-aluminum twin, but it sounds somewhat like you might have seen in a lawn mower. The passenger compartment is quite well isolated with sound, but you wouldn’t find it absolutely free from other surrounding harshness.

tata nanoThe Nano seems to fly smoothly with all its pomp and show just pushing the accelerator, but get lower 5600 rpm with redline fuel cutting off and you definitely need to quickly upshift the keep things going. According to Tata, as it has been designed for urban use, so acceleration figure is not a big issue.

In slow-moving and dense traffic areas, it definitely seems to play its role quite effectively especially wit its narrow track and tall body. Parking and maneuvering become a lot easier with its shorter turning circles. The steering is quite lighter even without some power assistance, as the front wheels bear limited weight that makes it quite supple to play nicely in the congested traffic of the city.

Its spare fuel tank and tire has been mounted under its hood to keep its heavy engine weight rearward. Similarly, other heavy items have been put under driving seat and jack has been placed under passengers’ seat. It has wider rear tires than the front one.There are drum brakes on all its four wheels and they seem to do a rather good job in getting momentum and make ride somewhat firm on a bit bumpy Indian roads without making you feel painful.

Its top model has power door locks and windows and the other nice feature is its nice air conditioning that is available in its upper trim models.

It is being expected that the top model will be available with $3,500 retailtata nano engine prices tag. The engineers and designers at Tata really have to find some ground-breaking solutions and almost all possible compromises.

The Nano Europa that has been developed for European as well as US markets have a 60-hp, 934-cc 3 cylinder engine and will get 95mph as its top speed. The Nano Europa will feature disc brakes, stability control, a wider track, ABS and a really nice finished interior. When it comes to design, it has a slightly longer body and will keep to all crash-test and safety standard.



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