most fascinating truths about electric cars


10 Most Fascinating Truths about Electric Cars

January 01, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

With the oil prices on rise and the earth getting polluted with carbon emissions, electric cars are the preferred choice nowadays for the vehicle buyers. They are speedy, emission free and environment friendly. In 1970s and 80s, mass production of cheaper gasoline vehicles resulted in the lack of interest in electric cars. But the inflation in gas prices in early 2000s have led customers to look for these green vehicles called Electric Cars. Many automakers Nissan, Mitsubishi and Tesla have made electric cars that are hailed all over the world. Nowadays, Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV are in demand. But a very few of you know that they have some interesting facts about them. Here are some most fascinating truths about electric cars. 1. Technology Some electric cars are driven by both electricity and petrol engine. For example, Chevrolet Volt utilizes a petrol engine to charge its lithium-ion batteries. 2. Battery Charging Their batteries take several hours to charge. For example Mitsubishi ‘i’ battery of 110-volt will take roughly 19 hours for a full charge. 3. Range They are not manufactured to cover long distances. They can cover upto 40 to 70 miles per charge on average. 4. Expensive […]