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2013 Honda Fit EV-A Review

November 23, 2011 / by / 1 Comment

Honda showcased the all new 2013 Honda Fit EV in an auto show of Los Angeles on 16th of November 2011 which is based on the most famous Fit Hatchback. 2013 Honda Fit EV is a unique model of Honda Vehicles which is true representative of Honda because it offers wide range of options to customers as it includes; Plug-in Hybrid Gasoline Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Natural Gas Powered model Executive Vice President of sales, American Honda Motor Co., Inc John Mendel said, “The Fit EV is the next critical step in Honda’s portfolio approach to alternative fueled vehicles. There is no other automaker on the planet whose spirit is more deeply invested in the effort to realize a cleaner, more energy-efficient and ultimately more sustainable transportation future than Honda.” Performance 2013 Fit EV is basically meant for those people who often travel at not so long distance, after every single charge it can travel distance of 123 miles. Fit EV is equipped with lithium ion battery of 20 kWh coaxial motor of 92 kilowatt. Motor which has been used in FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle is used in high density electric motor of 2013 Fit EV and this […]