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Commuter Cars – Drive to the Max

March 28, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

Cars are just not moving the four wheels in motion; there is something more to it. Cars, what would people do without cars? I feel life will almost come to a standstill. Cars are a lifeline for our everyday commuting, be it at our workplace, business, college, visits or tours. And when we specify daily commuting then what we look for in a car are features like good performance, fuel efficiency, stability, comfort driving and handling, perfect brake system, safety, good economy yet not so heavy on the pockets, not so luxurious, great torque, greener the better. The list is just endless. In commuter cars there are many like the Chevrolet Volt, Hennessey Cadillac Escalade 1,001 HP, the feel of a pickup truck in the Ram 392 Quick Silver, the very likeable Honda HFP Accord V6, the Nissan Juke-R, Hennessey MaxBoost 435 Lincoln MKS, but we run through some of them who are great commuter cars. We need to drive to comfort and so which can be our commuter car. Choose to cruise in a Chevrolet Cruze With gasoline price soaring high the most fuel economy car that would serve the purpose of everyday driving is the Chevrolet Cruze. With […]