Superb Champion Cars of the Decade

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Each year a car is voted as superb champion car of the year by NACTOY. North American Car of the Year or NACTOY is an automobile award announced each year in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This award was first given in 1994 and since then it has been the most prestigious automotive award in Europe. The selection is based on the criteria of all the eligible vehicles, which means vehicles that are considerably new or have been modified to change their nature, such as a high-performance version of an existing vehicle, enter this competition.

Cars must also have reasonably foreseeable annual sales in North America of 5,000 vehicles. Other factors are also considered which include innovation, design, handling, safety, driver satisfaction and value. The final decision is made by jury consisting of no more than 50 (currently there are 49 jurors) U.S. and Canadian automotive journalists representing newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe. This year The Chevrolet Volt grabbed this esteemed award; North American Car of the Year with Nissan’s Leaf and the Hyundai Sonata being the runners up.  Here’s a look back at some of the superb cars which were champion in this decade.

2000 Champion: Ford Focus by Ford Motor Company

Ford, an American multinational automaker has been one of the most admired auto companies. Its vehicles are popular all over the world due to their practicality, handling and efficiency. Ford Focus was considered the champion of year 2000 and was awarded NACTOY because of its superb style and outstanding performance. Audi TT and Ford’s Lincoln LS were also among the finalists. It has maintained its honor still in2010 Detroit Auto show.

2001 Champion: Chrysler PT Cruiser by Chrysler

In 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser made a record with its heritage style and became the champion. This car was reasonably priced, practical, efficient, remarkably styled and fun to drive, thus making it a winner of NACTOY among the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius finalists.

2002 Champion: Nissan Altima by Nissan

Nissan Altima was the winner of 2002 North American Car of the Year Award. Altima Sedan made its supremacy among the finalists, Cadillac CTS and Ford Thunderbird which couldn’t stand before the efficiency and performance of Altima. Later, the high sales of Nissan Altima depicted the success and popularity of this car among the car lovers.

2003 Champion: Mini Cooper by British Motor Corporation

Mini Cooper became the superb champion of 2003 North American Car of the Year Award with its smart mini design and bolted wheels. Because of its approachable handling and parking in urban areas and impressive fuel efficiency, it became the winner among the four-seat Infiniti G35 Coupe and the two-seat Nissan 350Z.

2004 Champion: Toyota Prius by Toyota

Toyota Prius of the second generation pleased the hatchback lovers with its power, spaciousness and efficiency. No doubt it became the champion of 2004 North American Car of the Year Award and won the favor of the Jury. The Cadillac XLR and Mazda RX-8 sports cars were the runners up. Toyota Prius V is its latest version.

2005 Champion: Chrysler 300 by Chrysler

Chrysler again grabbed the NACTOY in 2005. Chrysler 300 was selected among the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang due to its sturdiness and robust style, making it famous among the celebrities and consumers.

2006 Champion: Honda Civic by Honda

Honda Civic has been most popular among car lovers due to its impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Because of its wide range of body styles including coupe, sedan and hybrid and good options for powertrain i-e gasoline and natural gas it rightly became the champion of 2006 North American Car of the Year Award. Ford Fusion and Pontiac Solstice sports car were the finalists of 2006 and were not so competitive.2012 Honda Civic sedan has also been awarded IIHS Top safety Pick Award.

2008 Champion: Saturn Aura by General Motors

Saturn Aura by General Motors Shone at the 2008 Detriot Show with its lavish exterior and superb performance grabbing the NACTOY. Toyota Camry, a family sedan and Honda Fit, a compact car; became the runners-up.

2008 Champion: Chevrolet Malibu by General Motors

General Motors became the champion for the second year in a row with Chevrolet Malibu. The affordable Malibu won the 2008 NACTOY among the sporty Cadillac CTS and Honda Accord.

2009 Champion: Hyundai Genesis by Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Genesis, a luxury rear-wheel drive full-size car depicted exceptional engineering of Korean company, the Huyndai. The unmatched power and premium design made it the victor of NACTOY in 2009. Ford Flex and Volkswagen Jetta TDI were the runners- up that year.

2010 Champion: Ford Fusion Hybrid by Ford Motor Company

After 2000, Ford Motor Company became the champion for the second time in 2010 with its most celebrated Ford Fusion Hybrid. With the comfort, convenience, affordability and the qualities of true family sedan, it won over the Buick’s LaCrosse and Volkswagen Golf.

2011Champion: Chevrolet Volt by General Motors

General Motors again made its honored appearance with the champion car Chevrolet Volt in 2011. Chevrolet Volt is the all electric-car World Green car with magnificent body style and power to drive to long distances i-e upto the range of 40 mile. Volt became the victor of North American Car of the Year Award with 233 points. “The Volt seamlessly bridges the gulf between today’s liquid fueling infrastructure and the plugged-in electric future,” commented juror Lindsay Brooke of Automotive Engineering International. For the new upcoming champion of 2012 NACTOY, you have to hang around. As there is more to come from these superb champion cars.

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