SS Safe for Chevy under Reuss’s Watch

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Lloyd E. Reuss the GM vice president of global engineering  has now decided to give their product a new and unique look which will attract the user and be according to their requirements of now days. His main idea is to cut cost, make money and meet stricter fuel economy regulation.

 SPhoto by Jarvis Chau

Now under such demand the question comes in mind that does the traditional performance designation of Chevy has any future in general motors. From 1960’s chevelles to modern camros speedy Chevrolets have gain fame among the masses and are identified by the double letter SS.

Reuss is quite sure about a fantastic future of these cars with GM as during a media discussion he talks about every car one by one as he said that ““Not trying to peanut-butter SS for everything.” The GM is planning to bring a less fueled and light weight cars in US and that’s why they are taking special interest in each of their car to make it just according to the new requirements.

So this mission of bringing rear wheels light weighted cars will soon come into the market as a big hit and thus GM will be able to create their new image into the public.

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