Some Handy Tips for Safe Long-term Storage of Your Car

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If you are going aboard or in some other part of the country where you areSafe Long Term Storage Car not likely to use your vehicle, you must store it in careful way so that you may avoid unnecessary damage or repairs when on your return. Here are some tips that can be very useful in this connection.

  • To avoid compression from mounting up in the gas tank, your car gas tank must be filled. After adding a fuel stabilizer you need to drive your vehicle a bit as it proves quite effective to disseminate the stabilizer in different parts of the engine.
  • You can better protect your car finish if you thoroughly wash and wax your car.
  • You must keep a vapor barrier on the floor of your garage and it is better if you use polythene drop cloth for this purpose.
  • If you want to protect your vehicle from brake corrosion, it is better to unfasten the parking brakes.
  • If you want to take off the weight from your car wheels, you need to put it on jack stands.
  • You can avoid the battery from drains by disconnecting and removing it. It is better to use a trickletype charger to place the battery.

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