Silverado’s Ultimate Road Test- The Vehicle goes through a 12.5 million miles as part of durability testing

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In the segment of Pickup Trucks, the General Motor’s Silverado does not need any introduction because it has served the market since 1999. The full size truck never disappointed its owner because the engineering team of this pickup truck is investing their every single moment in the improvement of this vehicle to insure a durable, tough and performance oriented pickup truck to its customers. For the purpose, each Silverado has to benefit from a durability testing of 12.5 million miles before handing over the keys to the very first customer.

As part of the durability testing for the all new full size trucks, the trucks have to travel from the deserts of Yuma, sub-zero cold of Kapuskasing, Ariz, Milford, Ontario and Mich that is over 4 million miles.  The vehicle system engineer, Phillip Hubler said, “It takes refinement and testing to build the strength that our customers expect and rely on from their trucks. Our philosophy with the 2014 trucks was to improve what needed to be improved and leave alone what was already considered world class.”

The new full size trucks completed about 8.2 million miles of real world mileage during its testing period. The 2014 Silverado gets durability improvement over the outgoing models because of the integration of high strength and strong steel frame that save the vehicle from cracking and damaging under heavy loads. The all 4 wheel antilock disk brake systems paired with Duralife rotors doubles the service life of the vehicle as well as the lower body features anti chip coating that protects it from fraction from stones and gravel.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

The Silverado pickup trucks have to go through ‘grit trough test’ which is a challenge for any off road capable vehicle. The new truck has some notable improvements over the previous models, meaning that the new 2014 Silverado will be more powerful, durable and efficient.

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