Road Tolls Could Be Our Future

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Local council leaders have warned that the state of our roads is looking to worsen over the next twenty-five years. With potholes and increasing traffic, they believe that the government will have to consider tolls to be able to keep them up to scratch. A joint report into the road network by the Treasury and Department of Transport is due in the next few weeks. Ministers are looking to attract investment into the roads, with one option being to privatise the Highways Agency.

by Ian Fuller


The Local Government Association has warned that drivers could be paying for it, through tolls or even pay as you drive. Privatisation would require some kind of income from the motorist to the ‘owner’ to provide a return on investment, which is why there are fears for tolls. The RAC Foundation has backed the idea of privatisation to improve roads.

The Coalition has previously rejected the idea of tolls on our existing road network, and the idea was also thrown out by Labour when there was a voter backlash against the idea. However, recently the government has announced that tolling may be introduced on the improved section of the A14, linking the Midlands and ports in Eastern Anglia.


Public opinion is that there will likely be a hostile reaction against the idea from the average UK motorist, and that the tolling of roads may improve the quality of the roads, it isn’t likely to improve congestion.


The Office of Budget responsibility, which advises George Osborne, has warned that the trend towards more fuel efficient cars could lead to the Government’s tax take from drivers being £600 million less in 2014 than previously anticipated. Thus there is a need for more investment into the roads to keep them in a reasonable state to drive on. If you’re looking for a more fuel efficient car, why not have a look at the new and used cars at Exchange and Mart and see if you can find the perfect car for you.

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