Choosing 5×114 Rims for your Vehicle

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Upgrading to custom 5×114 rims can give your car a new look, and it can instill pride of ownership in any car owner. It can be hard to select the right wheels for your vehicle, but certain factors can help you make the right decision. Read on for some tips on choosing rims that make your car look and perform its best.

Size – It Does Matter

You may not realize it, but changing your wheel and tyre size substantially from factory spec may void your new car’s warranty. Wheel size affects braking, and tyre size can change wear patterns on the engine and drivetrain. For instance:

  • Larger tyres put additional stress on the brakes because they’re forced to slow a larger rotating mass. Larger rims can greatly affect steering and handling characteristics.
  • Smaller wheels can cause your car to sit too low, and they can cause serious issues when turning.

Many customers go into their local wheel and tyre shop knowing what they can afford to spend, and knowing what look they want – but details such as wheel size, construction and offset are commonly overlooked. If you’re choosing new rims for the first time, it’s important to get help when sorting through your options. Below are some considerations to make when finding out if a set of 5×114 wheels fits what cars:

  • Choose alloys if you’re a performance enthusiast. Steel rims are heavier, and will slow your vehicle while negatively affecting on-track performance.
  • If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, you may want alloys because they provide greater cooling to your braking system.
  • Choose smaller rims if you want to reduce your car or 4WD’s weight. Over your vehicle’s lifespan, you can save a significant amount on fuel by lightening your load.
  • Vehicles used for work or for off-roading can benefit from sturdy steel wheels.
  • Wider wheels can improve your car’s handling, cornering and acceleration.

Offset and Size

Size and offset are some of the most important measurements you’ll take when buying wheels. Choosing a set that’s an inch or two larger than stock can improve your vehicle’s performance, but you should be careful to choose wheels with a load rating that works for you. Your new wheels should be compatible with your car’s 5×114 bolt pattern, and they should have the same number of lug holes.

Smaller rims offer increased torque and handling, but a smaller set of tyres typically gives you a rougher ride and accelerated tyre wear. If you plus size your rims, tyre aspect ratio should stay the same. This step will normalise tread wear, and it can make your tyres last longer.


Finding 5×114 rims for sale can be tempting, but as with other things in life, you get what you pay for. Try to emphasize quality over price, and buy the best set of wheels you can afford. By taking the correct measurements and being flexible with your budget, you can find a set of 5×114 rims to suit your vehicle.

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