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Can I Get a Warranty on a Rebuilt Title?

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If you’ve been looking for ways to save even more money beyond buying a car used, you may feel that you’ve discovered a gold mine when you learn about automotive auctions. That’s because many auction sites offer salvage cars for sale at heavily reduced prices. However, you may be wondering what it means to have a car with a salvage title, and if it’s even legal to drive one.

Should I Buy a Car with a Rebuilt-title?

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In most states, it is illegal to drive a car with a salvage title. Because of this, many people choose to buy salvaged vehicles for parts, which help them rebuild other cars without a mark on their driving record. Even so, there are ways to go about rebuilding a salvage vehicle in order to get it road ready. If you’ve rebuilt your vehicle, you may be wondering if you’re still able to get an automotive warranty on it. After all, since the vehicle was previously damaged in an accident, it could be tricky to prove whether or not any new damage should be covered under a warranty or if it is actually leftover damage from the previous owner’s accident.

What is a Rebuilt Title

Put simply, if your vehicle has a rebuilt title, it means that you have restored the vehicle from a salvaged state. In order to be designated “rebuilt,” your car has to have been repaired appropriately and will need to be inspected by a titling agency in order to make sure that it is truly in working order. Once it has passed inspection, it will receive its title as a rebuilt vehicle and you will be able to drive it. If your vehicle is not deemed road-worthy, it will need to undergo further repairs and another inspection before you can legally drive it.

What are the Normal Features of an Auto Warranty?

Many car manufacturers are now offering competitive warranties on their vehicles. Volkswagen, for example, offers a new vehicle warranty on any car for six years or until it hits 72,000 miles. Other manufacturers and dealers offer similar warranties, ranging from full-body coverage to limited warranties with a broad range of benefits. Each dealership and manufacturer offers their own type of warranty, with some applying only to new vehicles and others to used cars.

Does a Rebuilt Title Mean I can Reactivate the Warranty on my Vehicle?

Even if your vehicle is still within the mileage or year requirements for the car’s initial warranty, you most likely will not be about to reactivate the warranty on a rebuilt title. This is because by doing extensive repairs on the car, you will most likely have voided the warranty. Think of your automotive warranty just like a warranty on your laptop or other pieces of technology: if you were to attempt repairs on your laptop, you would void the warranty, too. Many manufacturers, such as Ford, have specific clauses about rebuilt cars not qualifying for their warranties as a result of the damage and repairs associated with a rebuilt vehicle.

Can I Drive a Rebuilt Vehicle Without a Warranty?

A warranty doesn’t apply to whether or not the car is roadworthy; it just affects whether or not you are able to have the manufacturer cover certain defects or problems that may come up during the life of the vehicle. As long as your salvage car has been inspected and given a rebuilt title, you will be able to drive it, although you may pay a little more for automotive insurance, depending on your insurer.

Salvaged vehicles can be a great way to save a lot on the purchase of a vehicle. While a salvage title requires some extra work to get running and receive a rebuilt title, the savings often make the time spent worth it. So next time you’re looking to buy a car, make sure to check out salvage auctions, too. You’d be surprised what deals might be waiting for you.

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