Pros and Cons of Hybrid Car

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Hybrid Car

The trend of new generation vehicles have been shifted highly towards the hybrid cars and these cars are the called the future cars, One remarkable thing about these cars is that they utilizes two different energy sources to meet the energy requirements. The hybrid vehicles usually have two main types of vehicles that work in collaboration, one is the standard gas powered engine and the other one is the electric motor which is rechargeable with the nickel metal hydride battery pack. The hybrid technology has been utilized in many vehicles now days and it carries lots of advantages but with that there are some drawbacks which also needs due consideration.

Photo by Thomas Becker

Photo by Thomas Becker

In this article a discussion has been placed regarding the pros and cons of hybrid cars so let’s have a look.


  • According to some experts the hybrid cars gives you at least 20-25 percent more mileage because it has utilized the latest technology which adds up to the efficiency of this car when compared to the other non hybrid models.
  • The hybrid car is the great saver of gas because it shuts down the cylinders when you are coasting and also at the times when you are driving short distances on the power of battery aloe.
  • The emission with this car is considered to be 30 percent and in this regard it is highly fuel efficient and thus it gets the title of being the best environment friendly vehicle and thus the good effects on environment has made it the future car for the international auto markets.
  • The environmental pollution can be effectively controlled by the hybrid cars as these cars can reduce global warming as the gasoline engine in these cars can be smaller and therefore it is the less polluting one.
  • The tax credits which the government implements on the purchase of each car are comparatively less for the eco-friendly hybrid cars as compared to the other cars.


  • One drawback which all such cars carries is that  they have much higher price tag as comparative to other conventional cars and the reason being the costly batteries and two separate engines which adds up to the efficiency of these cars. Another factor associated with the cost is that in case of an accident the replacement parts for these vehicles will also be expensive and the specialized mechanics will be able to replace these parts into the vehicle.
  • A very high risk is associated with the batteries of these cars and it is that the battery can get wired at time of crash but many developers have focused on this risk by making the batteries which shut downs at time of crash.

These were some of the factors associated with the hybrid cars and from this entire discussion we can easily conclude that hybrid cars can give you multiple good points and the limitations are not too harsh that they can stop you in buying a hybrid car.

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