Producing One Million Electric Car

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The Electric Vehicle Association has put forward some of the policies and the technology advances in order to meet the goal of producing one million electric vehicles set by the Obama administration. The Electric Drive Transportation Associated is also expecting to see the release of some new policies which the industry experts would recognise the technological shift from the gas-generated vehicles.

The members of such a committee include the auto manufacturers, battery professionals as well as the electric resources and other required associations. The association is also looking forward to the policies that can boast the domestic manufacturing industries and successfully launch the testing of these electric vehicles. It also added that the tax incentives that are currently giving the consumers a rebate of $7500 based on the varied sizes of the battery.


On the technology front, the batteries are considered to be the biggest hurdle and the association has also asked for some substantial help from the Department of Energy in order to fund the development of the energy along with fuel cell systems. According to the recommendation report, the energy storage would be the key element to the success of all the vehicles and is an important technology for making use of the renewable power as a transportation fuel.


Fourteen such companies have come forward to establish an alliance with the US Government to gather the aid of $1 billion in order to set up the US battery manufacturing.

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