Prevent Breakdowns with a Healthy Cooling System

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When your car engine is running it is naturally producing heat.  There are many things that can happen when the engine gets too hot. In some cases this can cause engine damage or a breakdown.  The cooling system in your car is going to work to keep your engine cool so that you do not have one of these negative experiences.  In fact many people do not realize that one of the most common reasons for a breakdown is an issue with the cooling system.  The cooling system works by moving the heat from the engine to the air outside.  As you are driving down the road, the only thing that is keeping your engine from overheating is your cooling system.

How the Cooling System Really Works

Now that does not mean that you can just trust that your cooling system is working if your engine is not overheating.  In fact, just as much damage can be caused to your engine and you can break down if your engine is too cool.  If an engine is too cold it is going to emit more pollution and operate in a less efficient way.  The idea of a cooling system is not to keep your engine cold, but rather to help your engine maintain its optimal temperature range.

Issues with Neglecting Your Cooling System

If you do not provide your cooling system with the proper maintenance that it needs, then there is a good chance that your cooling system is going to eventually have problems.  There are a few things that can happen to you if you allow your cooling system to go too long. These include:  a breakdown or an engine meltdown that is major.

What You Should Know About Your Cooling System

There are a few things that you should know so that you can effectively make the right decisions about your car’s cooling system.  One of these is that you should realize that your car’s cooling system has a number of parts. Some of these parts can wear out before others.  This is normal wear and tear on a cooling system.

To keep up with the laws that mandate fuel efficiency, many of the parts for the cooling system are made as lightweight as possible. The up side to this is that it is going to allow for even better efficiency.  The down side to this is that many of these parts will wear out faster and need replaced.  Since many of these parts are made from plastic, they are simply not desined to last for as long as you might think.  The parts will actually have a factory recommendation on replacement.

These are the parts that you should consider replacing:

  • Pumps
  • Fan
  • Hoses
  • Caps
  • Thermostat
  • Radiator
  • Reserve Tank

When you visit an auto shop that focuses on cooling systems there should first be a visual inspection to see if there is anything noticeable about the parts needing to be replaced.  When an issue is found, you will be able to discuss options for replacing the parts.

Additional Information That Might Be Helpful

Just because your cooling system is in good working order, it does not mean that you are in the clear from breakdowns.  There are a number of additional reasons that you might break down.  One of these is that you do not perform other necessary maintenance.  Another is that you are not looking at your battery.  The third is that you did not take the time to check out the car thoroughly before purchasing it.

The best thing that you can do for your vehicle is to make sure that you are taking the proper precautions and responsible steps each time that you drive.  Also staying on top of maintenance and having your car regularly serviced is important.

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