Porsche Panamera Getting Seatbelt Recall

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Toyota has not been left alone as a company which has to recall a great number of its models; Porsche has also joined Toyota in this regard but the problem with Porsche is actually related to seat belts not for the accelerator. It has been recently announced that Porsche is going to recall about 11,300 units of the 2010 Panamera due to some problems notified in the front seat belts. This decision was actually taken in collaboration with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it has been reported that the seatbelts can have malfunctions in extreme positions that’s why the company has decided to recall the latest version of this car.

Photo by mattbailyjewelry

Photo by mattbailyjewelry

In a press release by company this thing has been mentioned that the Panamera’s front seat belts could fail and can get detached from their anchoring system if the seats are placed in the nearest position to the board. The problem seems to be only with the 2010 model of this car thus we can expect that this problem will get resolved very soon. This is a very bold step taken by company in this regard and it can have affect on the sale rate of this new model.

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