Parallel Parking in Icy Winter Conditions

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For many American drivers, the impending doom of parallel parking is intimidating. Now throw that in with the task of parallel parking during a wintery storm. Most novice or drivers who lack confidence will naturally be thrown off by this, and we pose the question: Is it the car or is it the driver? Truth is it is both the driver and the capabilities of the vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that is either to large or just lacks the traction it could very well be the over-weighing power that may cause any driver to have low confidence when trying to navigate a vehicle into a icy parking spot. So how do you fix this  problem, and make it easier for just about any driver to have the level of confidence that is required to properly park? Get into a BMW, more specifically the compact X1.


Not only is the X1 perform with great confidence, it is the perfect family vehicle for those living in the snowy states of North America. When you drive in icy conditions, you want to have a vehicle you will feel safe driving, not just for yourself but anyone who is your passenger—and BMW has always been able to produce such vehicles as the X1. When we took the X1 for a spin in the rugged Northeast during a storm, we attempted to drive it up slick hills, and even tried to parallel park it. We felt no loss of control, and the short while we took to carefully back into the spot we could actually feel the traction of the AWD. We even took it a step further, and tried to do the same but this time on an incline.

So what is the larger problem then, the driver or the vehicle. Well in most cases it will be the driver. It has always been expected that anyone who obtains a driving license that they learn how to properly parallel park, and have the confidence to do so. They can easily gain some level of trust if they have an AWD vehicle like the X1, but they still need to practice. As the saying gos “practice makes perfect”, and this stands true even with parking. But for slippery surfaces why trust in a vehicle that lacks the all-wheel traction, when you can just drive one that can be trusted and tested like the X1.

Yes a BMW is considered a luxury, but it is also a brand that is an example of performance. Usually a higher price range than most vehicles available in North America, most the BMW models have similar high standard performance like the X1, so choosing a small sedan at a lower value isn’t unthinkable, or even a used model. For more on the affordability and reliability of BMW, check out a local dealer

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