North American Products are excepted of getting the Fiat dual Clutch Transmission

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The news have been coming from many media sources that Chrysler Group’s power train lineup will be transformed from the one that is dominated by larger displacement engines to the one that is  dominated by Fiat-derived four-cylinder engines, V6s and, then  eventually, the electric vehicles would be showed in front of the whole world in the next five years.

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Bringing on electrical vehicles now days is becoming one of the major concerns of many automobile companies. Many of them have revealed such kind of plans and some are expected to reveal this news in front of media in the coming days. Coming back to the Fiat’s declaration: according to them the first dual clutch transmission will appear on a new D-segment vehicle at the end of 2010.

The upcoming cars would be also considered to be mind blowing as two of the top companies are joining hands for their production the Chrysler and Fiat. The main division of task is like; Fiat will produce small gasoline engines and diesels, while Chrysler will be the center of knowledge for V6s and V8s but it has been planned earlier that both the production will be according to North American lineup of cars.

Such division of task would be continued through the production of all new series of electric cars and we are all hoping to have some good cars by them in the near future.

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