Nissan’s NV200T Claimed To Bring a New Era in Transportation as the First Taxicab Starts Serving in NYC

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Nissan is all smiles these days. The company has officially released word that the new NV200T taxicab is now in service in the streets of New York City. The meter on the new cab officially started rolling at JFK International Airport on October 23, 2013, dropping the first passenger to 13th street, 6th avenue in Manhattan. Ranjit Singh, a proud owner of the all-new Nissan NV200T taxicab with Medallion No. 7F20 drove his first passenger from Koeppel Nissan in Queens on the 18th of this month.

The company further states that eight dealerships in NYC are now offering the all new NV200T taxicab that are ready to be driven. More than 600,000 residents of the New York City travel in-city through taxicabs every day on average. Nissan aims to take over the taxicab market by offering vehicles that perform beyond all pars and delivering an innovative taxi experience.

The NV200T has a fuel-efficient powertrain, a space-saving architecture and passenger-centric interior for added comfort, says the company’s Executive Vice President, Andy Palmer. He also looks forward to bringing the new Nissan NV200T taxicab to all other states of the USA.

Nissan NV200T taxicab

Tailored design taking in account the overall needs of metropolitan cab service

Nissan states that its latest taxicab is designed “from the inside out”. This means that each component in the vehicle is inspired from the overall taxi experience and takes in account the requirements of the metropolitan cab service. The company has included a range of features to its new NV200T yellow cab, such as:

  • A 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that is engineered to cut on fuel consumption and provide efficient operations to taxicab drivers thus increasing performance.
  • An unconditional 150,000 mile guarantee provided by Nissan Motors Company.
  • 6-way adjustable driver’s seat to fully adjust the driver in place and provide extreme comfort during long-range drives.
  • Durable driver’s seat material that also helps in absorbing shocks and adds to the comfort level NV200T provides.
  • Standard navigation system that provides dedicated support for taxicab drivers.
  • A Hearing Loop System (HLS) for the ones with hearing disabilities.

Reports suggest that Nissan has been contacted by some of the largest cities around the globe for providing hybrid, gas powered and electric taxi solutions. The cities include Tokyo, London, Paris and Bangkok. London will have a “black cab” to add to its fleet of 2014 taxicabs with the all-new NV200T. The 150,000 mile warranty provided by Nissan is adequate to cover Manhattan over 300 times, says Nissan Motors Company in its latest publication.

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