Nissan Leaf: the beauty and excellence has unveiled

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Nissan Leaf

After teasing the audiences for months Nissan has finally launched the finest stylish electric car and it has been named as Nissan Leaf. Finally Nissan has proven its claim of bringing the world’s most eco friendly less fueled car.

 SPhoto by GM-Volt

The company has announced that this car will be officially available in the market during the next year but they have provided a test drive for many people and according to them that experience was their life’s best ever experience. The car is smooth, silent, nearly friction free and offers all the prodigious torque inherent in an electric car.

According to some of the experts if all the plans regarding the launch of this car would get successful, then this car would be the most unique, affordable, and most the practical and mass production electrical vehicle in the markets.

According to the Nissan the pricing will be between 25,000 to 30,000. The car is expected to come in 2012 but the fleet and some kind of private sales will start next year. The whole world is now waiting for this marvelous electric car which will definitely change the international market’s trends and styles relating cars.

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