Nissan IDx Goes Back Under the Pen for a Design Rethink

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The executives at Nissan did not expect the huge amount of interest they received from consumers, automotive websites, and even Jay Leno when they released their Nissan IDx Concept sports car. None-the-less, what they appear to be gambling on is that they can make it even better.

According to Auto Express, Nissan is considering a complete design rethink, stripping it of its retro heritage, and slapping it with an aggressive modern shape and a bigger (more muscular) 2.0-liter engine. This may worry a lot of fans of the original retro-style of the Nissan IDx. As Motor Authority said last week, “Sadly, it means Nissan is likely to abandon the retro look of the original IDx concepts in favor of something more modern.” But I wouldn’t worry too much.

Nissan has its ears to the social media grapevine like a hungry tiger listening for a punch drunk monkey. The Nissan Juke would have never made it into existence without the positive vibe it received from social media. Nissan recognizes the opportunity to build success through the direction of automotive enthusiasts like you and me. The concept design you see above is one interpretation of how Nissan might topple Toyota and their GT-86 with a more modern and aggressive sports car interpretation.

Nissan IDx Concept

Nissan is likely assuming they could accomplish such a feat by nestling the IDx onto the ‘cut-down’ platform of the next-generation 370Z. They could ditch the 138 horsepower 1.6-liter for a 180 horsepower 2.0-liter. But then again, rest assured that your opinion counts. When these new designs are officially released, Nissan will be looking for your approval. So, being the impatient type that I am, I say why wait. What do you think of the above interpretation of a more modern, muscular, aggressive, and quicker IDx?

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