NISSAN A Brand of Pride

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NissanNissan has come a long way from its early cars and trucks.  It was a small company that tried really hard to get a foothold in its country’s vehicle market. Now, of course, Nissan is a household name in almost every country on Earth. They are one of the biggest car and truck manufacturers ever; right behind other big names like General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai and ford.

Nissan prides itself on quality and giving the customer what he or she wants in a car or truck. For instance, Nissan makes a great compact pickup truck. The Frontier, (Nissan’s compact truck), is such an astounding piece of work that it has been named the top pick for a compact pickup by It doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it? recognized the frontier as one of the least expensive vehicles to insure. How’s that? Oh, wait, there’s more. The Frontier was also voted Vehicle Satisfaction Winner by AutoPacific. How does Nissan do that?

The Frontier comes with a four or six cylinder and it’s affordable. The four cylinder has 152 Horsepower and the six comes with 261, which is ideal for towing and any extra power you might need in just about any situation. The King Cab gives you four seats and don’t forget the sliding bed extender. This is a great invention, which lets you put a longer load in your bed and it’s adjustable and locks into place for safety.

Another nice accessory on the Frontier is the bed tent. If you haven’t seen one just go to Nissan’s website or your local dealer ( and test it out. The bed tent turns your compact Nissan Frontier into a camper. The dome-shaped tent fits perfectly in your truck’s bed and is quick and easy to set up. It even has a rain-fly to keep you dry when you get in or out of the tent. It’s mind boggling that no one has applied this idea before now.

The Frontier is no longer made in Japan. Beginning in 2002, since the primary market for this truck is the United States, the Frontier is now manufactured in Tennessee. Made in America; you don’t see that very much anymore. The Frontier is so many things to so many people:  a recreational truck, a fun truck, a work truck, a towing truck, popular truck, and a well-made truck. A great truck.


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