NHTSA Induced Ford to Expand Recall of F-150

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Ford is in serious trouble these days; regulators have pressurized Ford to recall F-150 pickups because customers are facing problems regarding the functioning of its airbags.

Ford F-150 is among the top-selling vehicles of U.S.A, problem with its airbags has induced Ford to recall 1.2 million F-150 pick-ups. Malfunctioning of airbags is caused by an electric short that inflate the airbags without collide and could harm the drivers.

Ford F-150

Government said to Ford Motor Corp to expand the size of recall but it resisted and in February 2011 it just recalled 150,000 trucks. Now, regulatory bodies are very serious to solve the issues regarding the recall of vehicles and it seems to be that it will be difficult for Ford and other automakers to reduce the number of recalls in future.

269 cases were registered to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the airbags that deployed without any crash and seriously injured the 98 drivers. NHTSA said, “The potential for loss of vehicular control poses an unreasonable risk to safety”.

Ford’s Spokesperson said, “We thought the airbag warning lamp was sufficient notice to customers that the vehicle needed service well before airbag deployment, and most owners would then get it serviced”.

Matthew Reed who is an auto safety expert is of the opinion that improper seating positions caused injuries to drivers because airbags work properly if the driver occupies a proper driving position. He said, “If anything, a random airbag deployment is more likely to catch the occupants in position that the airbags were designed for”.

Ford F-150 is the top-selling vehicle and it contributes 18% to total sales of Ford. It is difficult to estimate how much threatening this issue will to its annual sales.

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