New Zealand Earns a Free Show on Speeding 1200HP Drift Autos

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Auckland is a place of numerous tourist and sightseeing attractions. But when Whiddett of New Zealand, commonly known by many as ‘Mad Mike’ brought the event in his hometown on 6th of this month, locals and visitors couldn’t afford to look away. The competition dubbed Red Bull Drift Shifters went down that particular day and left the smell of rubber in the streets of Auckland. The Quay Street was the host of the drifting war and the 16 drivers competing with their 1200bhp motors put up a total sideways drifting show.

Talk about real and pro-style drifting, all those who missed this event have themselves to blame. All hope’s not lost though; we had the opportunity to film the massive twists and turns made by the skilled drivers in this video shown.

Astonishing results left Kiwi with rivals to compete against in next year’s drift session by Red Bull. Using Mazda RX-D vehicle designed for drifting, they made away with the title after facing a touch last round. Their average speed, angle of drifting, obstacle-proximity including other specs used in crowning Kiwi the most fast and furious winners of 2014 Drift Session.

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