New Shaker Hood for Dodge Challenger Boosts Performance

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The new shaker hood by Mopar is retailing for US$ 2,660 and promises to deliver a performance boost with a bit of vintage look to the muscle car, Dodge Challenger. The kit, available for purchase at Chrysler Group dealerships and the Mopar official website, contains a shaker induction kit and shaker hood kit. It augments performance by forcing cold, high pressure air through the shaker hood scoop while the car is being driven, feeding a conical air filter.

The kit’s all-aluminum hood along with its components are all US made built according to Chrysler Group’s specifications and went through rigorous testing of over 150,000 miles to determine its durability. It meets all the US safety requirements and emission compliances as well, plus it needs no drilling, fabricating or any special tools to install it, with an adjustability feature for an accurate fit.

Mopar was trademarked in 1930s after launching an antifreeze product, but it was 1960’s muscle-car era that they made it big. Today, Mopar is a part of Chrysler Group as their service, parts and customer care brand. It distributes thousands of parts across more than 130 international markets.

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