Mopar Getting Ready for the 2014 Grand Cherokee

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JP014_161GC__midIt seems like the Jeep Grand Cherokee has already sparked excitement amongst the engineers at Mopar, as they are ready to offer more than 100 accessories for the car when it will release next year. Mopar is an automobile organization which deals in giving their customers parts and services for mostly Chrysler vehicles. They also specialize in modifying cars and customizing them according to the customer’s requirements.

Getting the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee All Geared Up

With 2013 more than halfway through and the announcement of Jeep bringing in a new variant of their Grand Cherokee next year, Mopar announced on the 26th of July that they will introduce high quality accessories and equipment in the market for the new Jeep vehicle. These accessories will help you truly personalize your vehicle by modifying its look or probably adding more features to it. There will be at least 100 different items to choose from, from inexpensive valve stem caps to highly luxurious leather seats.

Quality Products by Mopar

The parts and accessories will guarantee quality since these accessories will be tested by the engineers of Chrysler Group itself before being publically available in the market. Hence, you can safely choose Mopar aftermarket products over the offer of other competitors. Here are some of the accessories, by Mopar, which are worth mentioning:

  • Roof Racks – Adds the ability to carry extra luggage on the top
  • Wheel Base – 20 inch chrome wheel as well as 18 inch steel alloys for a more rugged look
  • Various exterior accessories like exhaust tips, grille, chrome mirrors etc.
  • Door sill guards
  • Chrome and black side steps
  • Trailer Hitch for trailing boats, smart karts, other vehicles etc.
  • Accessories for animals and pets for their safety and comfort
  • Floor mats for all weather protection
  • High quality car covers for protection from hailstorm and dusty weather

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