Mercedes The New A Class

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The Mercedes A Class has always occupied a comfortable place in a cluttered market. Essentially a family friendly car, it has always gone that extra mile with its iconic chassis and just as importantly the cutting edge technology we have come to expect from every successive generation of Mercedes.

The new A Class therefore has a lot to live up to in a market which is so competitive. It should take the majority of people no more than approximately half a second after laying eyes on it to tell that this is much more than just the token rehashing of a popular model.

The chassis has undertaken extensive reshaping. Even the basic model looks even more like a sports coupe than ever and given the low centre of gravity, Direct Steer System for improved handling and multi-link rear suspension it feels more like a road hugging sports coupe too. The reworked air intake apron is both bold and yet still familiar as Mercedes. The diamond style grill is quite something else too but it’s the dedication to aerodynamics that has resulted in the “rising wedge shaped belt line carved into the flanks” that lends the new A Class its tastiest new aesthetic.

As important as it is, it’s not just about looks however. As with previous A Class models safety is highly featured. The Anti Collision Assist uses radar technology to help avoid potential collisions and should a collision be inevitable the seats will automatically move either forwards or backwards to help shield the passengers from impact. That coupled with up to nine air interior air bags.

Integrated seamlessly into the dashboard is the Audio 20’s 5.8” colour screen which allows you to play music from your mobile phone or music device in the car via Bluetooth, auxiliary or USB. Also present is the wiring for the Becker Map Pilot navigation system. Options include the ability to sync the onboard multi-media player with your iphone and COMAND online which uses cloud computing technology to provide you with in car internet access.

The new A Class is also one of the most fuel efficient cars of its class. Up to 85mpg can be achieved on certain models due to its light chassis, aerodynamics and economic yet powerful engine. So in many respects it is the sort of update we could expect from Mercedes. The car is still undoubtedly an A Class by definition of its purpose and place in the market but with the technological and visual reworking fitting to a car in 2013.

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