Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Coupe (2009 onwards): A Review

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Mercedes-Benz E350

Mercedes has always enjoyed being famous for its style and high class features in its cars. Each of the new model brought in the market has got uncountable fame and response from the international markets and this is the reason Mercedes is not just a name of car makers it depicts a class in the cars which is just awesome. The new Series of E-class cars is the latest one form Mercedes side and it is the replacement for C-class which has also done a great business in the international car markets. This new E-class has repositioned the Merc’s midsized coupe and has brought a new style for it.

Photo by Tom Daem

Photo by Tom Daem


As we all know that style matters a lot for the coupe class and this replacement of C-class has made this statement truer with the ultra-modern and stylish look for the new models. The 2-Door coupe has earned a better response from the viewers as compared to the four-door C-class. The design from the front and sides clearly depicts it to be a relative of the coupe class. The Mercedes fans love its hard-edged Germanic design which is making it unique among the coupe class. This was all about the external beauty of this car when you’ll open the door you’ll definitely experience a change in the internal style and beauty as well. The interior is just a welcome setup with an angular solid looking dashboard with a high quality feel. Other than this it is very pleasant to live with four decent sized seats and a very appealing 450 liter boot in much stylish clothes. The seats are pretty comfortable and smooth plus a plenty of space ensure a relaxing travel even for long distance journeys.

What is it?

It is not just a car with remarkable style and beauty but the capabilities of this car are more than the beauty. This new series strikes back with lower emission and better fuel economy. The two diesel and 3 petrol options for this series is making it better in performance from the pioneers as the new 3.0 liter V6 engine provides impressive punch. The 231 hp 350 CDI sports car is the top of diesel range and at a price of £35,280 and thus competes directly with the Audi A5 3.0 TDI quattro, which costs £34,190. As a diesel the 350 CDI has earned the BueEfficency status which has made it more environment friendly as compared to the predecessors.
The safety factor is more enhanced in this car with standard fit Neck-pro anti-whiplash seats and the pre-safe crash mitigation system and overall the all-round case for itself is also very muscular and stronger.

Photo by Tom Daem

Photo by Tom Daem

Final words:

This is thus a much styled new series from Mercedes which is better in both style and features from the earlier series developed by Mercedes. It is a finely judged ride with solid and comfortable interior, beautifully blended technology giving more power and speed to this new car. Overall the outlook is enough to make the Mercedes fans impressed and the interior plus the specification are making this car a strongest competitor of the other worldwide famous sports cars.

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