Mercedes Benz Bringing New Luxury to US

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2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes Benz has announced a new series of small luxury vehicles for the US market, the launch will bring the all-new C-class coupe that will debut next year, followed by three derivatives of the front-wheel-drive B class in 2012 and 2013.

The luxury class by Mercedes always carries its own market demand as according to said Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA “Everyone wants to be Mercedes-Benz”. The company’s product plan for the future is really remarkable that carries member for almost every previous class like the B Class, C class, E class, CL, SLK, SLS AMG, R class, GLK, ML and others.

Photo By smaginnis11565

Photo By smaginnis11565

The B class by the company is going to be adorned with the cross over and sedan version while an electric fuel cell version of the current B class is also planned for US and it has previously got sold in Europe.

The ultimately lavishing CL by Mercedes is going to get redesigned in 2013 and a redesigned version of SLK is going to be released next year. This is just the minimum information provided for the product plan by Mercedes, a detailed list will surely make you amaze because there is plethora of luxury that is to come from Mercedes side into the market in the coming years.

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